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Solar PV installation and complete kit frequently asked questions

Q: Why Should I Invest In A Solar PV System Now?

  • Eliminate your net electric bill
    PV PROs Solar high-performance solar photovoltaic (PV) systems combined with the feed in tariffs (FITs), create very favourable financial incentives for installing a solar system NOW.
  • Declare energy independence
    Invest in a PV Pro solar PV system and generate your own electricity from sunlight and a clean, silent, renewable energy source with no emissions.
  • Enjoy long-term solar life expectancy
    With PV panels’ 20+ year warranty and 40+ year lifespan, your PV Pro solar system will last for years to come, sheltering you from ever rising electricity prices.
  • Add value to any property
    PV Pro Solar systems, is added to the appraised value of a property. It’s one of the few home improvements that can be justified in terms of return on invested pound.

Q: How Does A Solar PV System Work?
A: A PV Pro PV solar systems consist of modular panels made of silicon, which react directly to sunlight by generating electric current. An inverter changes the DC (direct current) generated by the panels into AC (alternating current).

Q: What Does A Solar PV System Look Like?
A: PVPRO Solar provides PV panels to minimize visual impact and maximize aesthetic appeal. Roof-mounted systems are most common, but sometimes systems are installed on open ground away from a building.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Install?
A: Installation time depends on the size of the system. Average residential systems rarely take more than one week to complete.

Q: How Much Does A PV System Cost?
A: System cost depends on size, and your installer fees. Your installer will provide you with a rough estimate of your investment in solar based on payback periods. Keep in mind that each PV system is sized to the unique annual energy needs of each household. Systems are not sized for square footage, but designed to replace the total amount of electricity you use annually. Site specific elements, differing electric rate schedules, and financial incentives that you may or may not qualify for all affect your total system investment. 

Q: Are There Financial Incentives?
A: YES the UK government are introducing The feed in tariff April 2010. The Feed-in Tariffs are based on the electricity generated by the renewable energy system, but there will be an additional bonus for any energy which is 'exported' to the grid. This means you get paid more for the energy you don't use than for that which you do, and so encourages energy efficiency.
Anyone who owns a renewable electricity system, for every kilowatt hour they generate. This is available to private and business users.The tariff is likely to be up to 36½p/kWhr, depending on type and size in addition save on your electricity bill when you use your own energy, and earn an additional 5p/kWh when you export any surplus.THESE PAYMENTS WILL BE TAX EXEMPT.

Q: What Size System Do I Need?
A: PVPRO Solar tailors PV systems to the unique energy needs of each customer. A detailed site and energy needs analysis is necessary to determine appropriate system size. Your installer will provide this service for you.

Q: Do I Need A Battery Backup?
A: No. PVPROs Solar PV systems connect to the local utility grid. No batteries are necessary. On sunny days, the solar system sends surplus energy to the grid for credit on your utility bill. The utility provides the power at night and on rainy days, and you tap into the credit your solar system earned on sunny days.

Q: How Do I Maintain My Solar PV System?
A: Solar PV systems are designed and installed to be low-maintenance and repair-free. They are solid state technology and have no moving parts. Panels benefit from being hosed off with water twice a year, especially after long periods without rain.

Q:Why Is PV Mounted On An Angle?

Reason 1: Keeping modules in the sun
The more sunlight modules collect, the more electricity they produce. In the northern hemisphere, the sun moves across the sky at an angle to the earth and dramatically changes position in the sky between summer and winter. Flat-mounted PV modules lose much of the sunlight they could potentially collect because it reaches the panels at a sharp angle, bouncing off the glass surface.
Reason 2: Keeping modules cool
PV modules generate electricity from light, not heat; in fact, heat reduces electric production because of resistance. In the same way that a computer has fans to cool the silicon chips, solar modules in a tilted position allow for cool air to flow across their front and back surfaces. Heat gain from the sun is radiated from the front and back of a tilted module, cooling the panel, lowering resistance and raising productivity.
Reason 3: Keeping modules clean
Dust in the air gathers on PV modules just like it does on a car. The fine coating of dust reflects sunlight off the surface of a PV module—preventing light from penetrating to the module to generate electricity. Flat-mounted PV modules gather more dust, and when it rains dirt puddles on the surface of each module. Rain washes dust off tilted PV modules. It is recommended in dry periods to spray dust off PV modules with a hose.
Reason 4: Keeping modules efficient
Solar PV modules tilted to the sun run cool and clean and generate electricity efficiently. When they are allowed to produce at peak efficiency, fewer PV modules, and less space to mount them, are needed to meet energy production targets. This in turn saves space, the cost of additional modules and the cost of installing them.

Q: Where do I get more information including pricing?
A: Simply contact our sales desk on 08444 930099 or email us at info@ecoairpump.co.uk, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

For print friendly version, you can download a copy of Solar PV panel FAQ document.

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