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MCS installer for Air source heat pump, solar PV and solar Thermal

As you are aware the government has introduced a certification program for sustainable energy products and services. The ‘Micro-generation Certification Scheme’ (or MCS), the program is designed to protect customers by ensuring good quality in both products and installation. The scheme works by putting manufacturers and installers through an inspection process in which the applicant has to demonstrate a certain level of competency in the technology they offer, provide a documented, quality management process and show an example of a finished product or installation. In order to incentivise the industry to sign up to the certification scheme, the government has declared that customers may only apply for grants or feed-in-tariffs if their system is entirely covered by MCS which means.

There is little point in buying an installation without MCS accreditation

In order to claim the UK solar feed-in-tariff arriving this April, you have to install solar panels that have been through the MCS process.Or in the case of other technologies such as air source heat pumps, the renewable heat incentive tarriff  will qualify, which is due 2011.

At this stage however, few manufacturers have obtained MCS accreditation for their products. In many cases it is simply because they haven’t heard of the UK’s MCS program yet. In other cases,haven’t been informed that clear skies is no longer applicable or simply found the whole process too expensive and time consuming.

All solar tube company products including air source heat pump, solar PV, solar thermal are legible for feedin tarriffs and grants where applicable.

  • We have (currently underway) committed to having the ecoairpump Mcs approved.
  • We have (currently underway) committed to having our CAYMAX photovoltaic panels Mcs approved.
  • Our range of Solar thermal panels are all SOLAR KEY MARKED
  • Our range of Inverters are all G83 approved.
  • Any other brand of renewable energy product we distribute, whether direct or through our distribution channels will be legible for feed in tarriffs, renewable heat incentive tarrifs or Grants.
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